How to Craft a Powerful Career Story

Creating a meaningful career story, and anchoring it vividly to your personal values, could unlock key learnings about your life and career.

Burnt out and fantasizing about a big career reset? Or perhaps you’re energetic and curious about what’s next in your life’s journey? You’re not alone. In the year of ‘The Great Resignation,’ millions of people are quitting their old career path and looking for a life that is truer to themselves.

Fascinatingly enough, economists say, “Quitting is usually an expression of optimism.”

Unfortunately, for some of us, starting the next career phase is not as easy as ‘following your bliss.’ A lot of people don’t know what their ‘bliss’ is, let alone know how to take those first steps to follow it. So, you might end up making a lot of false turns before you find the path that’s right for you.

For those just starting out in a career, time on their side, a trial-and-error approach may be just fine. For more experienced professionals, however, there tends to be a stronger sense of urgency and purpose. They might benefit from a more focused approach to career construction and planning — one that fully identifies where they came from, where they are now, and where they want to be.

That’s where a career purpose story comes in.

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