Now It's Clear: The Career You Own

If you’re thinking about what’s next but not certain what it is you really want? Now It’s Clear answers these questions by taking you on your own journey through the past to become acquainted with the present, in order to make decisions about your future. This book will set you on a path of discovery to find purpose, uncover strengths, be comfortable with doubt, navigate resistance, build a network of support and share your story at any stage in your career. 

Using a mix of insights from business, psychology, philosophy, poetry, and leadership research, the book offers a step-by-step guide to better understand yourself and your purpose. Filled with creative exercises, reflective questions and practical tips to reveal the what, why and how of meaningful work and how to share your career story. 

Based on doctoral research and practical experience working with mid-career professionals globally, the book helps connect the dots, uncover patterns and themes in order to find fulfilment at work and a purpose-driven career purpose.

I Wish I'd Known That Earlier in My Career: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics

The Power of Positive Workplace Politics. A refreshing new approach to workplace politics, career navigation and leadership development, examining barriers some managers face in their efforts to reach the top, the book works to build awareness and strategies for business and career success. Combining case studies and real life situations, the book presents new ways to think about embracing opportunities in order to achieve personal and organization-wide career satisfaction. Rather than encouraging employees to leave the organization, the chapters highlight how to move within their current companies by learning to understand power bases and conversations more thoroughly. Each chapter tells a story that illustrates a constructive concept that can be easily learned and applied in the real world. Essential reading for anyone looking to move forward in their professional life, offering genuinely helpful advice in a highly accessible, easily applicable way.

The Art of Smart : How to Steer Your Career

Practical advice about how to behave and achieve more in the business world. The book offers readers forthright guidelines for acting with strategic intelligence in the workplace. 

Driven by a desire to help people gain confidence and cultivate the poise and self-assurance necessary to communicate with clarity as employers look for the ‘whole package’ when hiring new talent, the book was written to offer insights into how to align thinking and behavior in order to succeed. 

Written with levity and candour, The Art of the Smart is perfect for picking up, reading a chapter or two in your spare time, and putting into practice the next day. If you’ve reached a plateau you’re ready to move beyond, the book will equip you to succeed in the workplace.