Join us for a 6 week online, creative, reflective interactive session to greater clarity and impact in the next chapter of your professional life and finally reconnect with what matters most in life.

The Next Phase Will Be Your Best Phase

Step into the next phase of your professional life & career with confidence, conviction, and clarity that lands you the role you crave…the role that will allow you to thrive.

Know where you want to go and how you will get there before you even start…even if you’ve been in your current position for most of your working life. 

Because moving on doesn’t have to mean settling for less or giving up your goals

Making The Move

Shift into your next position with a solid foundation and a knowing that you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing at this point in your life and career. 

Understand what makes you uniquely different and highly qualified for your next position. 

And expand your network with the right people so you can uncover and connect with those who can really give your new direction a push. 

Redefining Yourself

This is a time of redefinition, expansion, and growth…not shrinking or holding back. 

We giive you the tools you need to not only make your next career move but to make it in a way that feeds your soul. 

You do NOT have to settle for a career that is anything LESS than what you want. 

Whether you want prestige, power, or profit, we’re going to help you align who you are with where you’ve been and where you want to go so you hit those targets with your move. 

Introducing Career Extensions

This 6-week experience is going to redefine you, help you land the position you want in the next phase of your life and career, and enable you to build a network for maximum reach. 

Each week, we’ll gather virtually to help you unlock all the parts of your career that you didn’t realize would be some of your greatest strengths. 

At the end of 6-weeks, you will have clarity on WHAT you want to do next WITH the connections you need to help you get there.

• Take the risk on you • Step into the unknown • Move into Your Zone of Genius •

How do you make those 5-10 years fulfilling and enjoyable? How do you end your career on a high note?

By activating your best work, harnessing the intelligence around you, having a clear sense of purpose, and a disposition to learn and experiment. Session one’s journey will take you to the intersection of values/strengths/experiences at which you will begin to uncover YOUR story and get clear on the fulfilling professional life that awaits.

Access the intelligence of the group by activating a new mindset and disciplines. You will build skills in career navigation, personal resilience, and discover your story and most fulfilling work you can do in the next chapter of your life. We use creative, reflective exercises, assessments, practical experiments, and group coaching to give you career clarity and purpose.

• Understand you’re your baseline  • Invent vs. Discovery •

An important step toward a career that makes showing up something you want to do is deepening your self-awareness (understanding how you see yourself), as well as your external self-awareness (recognizing how others see you).

In this session, we’ll examine patterns, rediscover values, strengths and experiences that contributed to previous success. We’ll also work to understand why purpose matters for resilience and fulfilment, uncovering whom you wish to impact and how you can do so.

Dive deeper into purpose-driven careers, using hindsight, insight and foresight. Use pivotal career events to examine the past, deconstruct purpose, through individual, paired and group discussion

• Staying Relevant • Fortitude Anchors • Can’t versus Won’t; All in or NOT •

Careers are never straight lines, this session helps you learn how to navigate the curves for planning, adapting, persisting, and rising to the challenge.   

Using a wholistic metaphor, we examine eight elements for resilience and uncover your fortitude anchor. Through a structured, creative process you will unearth tensions and surface doubt to chart a new direction.

Leave the session with a range of anchors to successfully plan, leverage strengths, and challenge circumstances focusing on the aspects of the situation that are within the bounds of your control.

• Enable a two-lane highway • Courage to ask • Revitalize your connections •

Building a diverse network of advisors is key to creating a new and successful career, achieving goals, and shaping decisions.

In this session we dive deeper into resilience to understand internal and external realities of your networks of connections. We address the balance of give and take, network overload, and intention so that you can maintain a much-needed balance and well-being. 

Leave with a plan in place, a critical component of career navigation, and practical steps to reengage your network to ensure your a successful transition.

• Your Authentic Self • Where You Go Next • Telling Your Story •

When you have a cohesive and compelling career story, you are able to pull everything together, focusing on your impact to the organisation. A 360 view explores how others view you, through pivotal events, strengths and values to identify blind spots and uncover what you want to be known for.

In this session, we take you through a step by step process to craft your story; individual coaching provides you with focused time to practice and insights to further shape your story and carry out what you learn beyond the course.

• Your roadmap to a meaningful career • Staying on course • Tradeoffs and Payback •

You have everything you need to bring your career story to life. Making the most of the next chapter requires sharing your story and making conscious choices that support it. The session brings together the previous ones, combining  insights, assessments, and coaching. The cohort will create a bespoke plan to reach your next chapter. 

In this session, you will make a commitment to action in sharing your career story to leave a legacy and stay the course as you work to transition into a career that does more than fill time and your bank account. 

“What’s next” can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Now it’s time to build a Career You Own, something that makes waking up and going to the work empowering, exciting, wholly and deeply fulfilling, making the most of the remainder of your years as a working part of society.

This 6-week experience is going to redefine you, help you land the position you want in the next phase of your life and career, and build a network for maximum reach.

Each week, we’ll gather virtually to help you unlock all the parts of your career that you didn’t realize would be some of your greatest strengths.

When the 6 weeks are complete, you’ll be able to find and land the position you want, WITH an expanded network of connections that will become a community you need to help you get there.

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