Finding Your Genius Zone

Stop being comfortably numb. Step into the next phase of your career with confidence, conviction and clarity.

Everyone has a unique combination of talents where we do things better than almost everyone else. Have you stopped to figure out what that means for you?

At a time when companies are talking about talent management, purpose and diversity of experience, we can no longer deny the obvious: we all have a place in which our strengths, passions and approach align and we experience our greatest potential. That place is — your Genius Zone — where you do things better than just about everyone else. It is a one-of-a-kind superpower — it’s what makes you uniquely you.

Working with mid-career professionals in transition, I’ve unfortunately found, most lose sight of their unique strengths or even wonder about its existence. During any career change, there are times when we start to question, ‘who we are and how we’re making an impact.’ As a result, we may feel out of sorts, unbalanced, and uncertain about the road ahead.

Working with Rob Delange, an executive coach and expert in career transitions, I uncovered how this mindset shift to identifying your personal ‘zone of genius’ is an essential element in career navigation. Here’s what I learned from co-facilitating workshops with Rob.

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