Does Looking Back on your Career Hold the Key to your Future?

Steve Jobs famously said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” To move forward in your career, you must look back, from where you’ve come.

When we’re exploring new opportunities, we may not exactly know what we’re looking for, that nagging feeling for something than what we’ve already done different to what we’ve done, and not know what ‘different’ looks like. And we probably have a sense that something about our current situation is ‘off’’ — although can’t define it clearly.

The reason? Most of us are terrible at predicting what will bring us happiness.


Because we’re influenced by outside forces, which separates us from our true selves. It gets more complicated when career choices like money, status and the wider job market overrides our true career drivers -and our true selves.

To land the job you really want, be clear about past events that made you feel authentic, purposeful, and happy. Those moments hold important clues about where you should be going next.

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