Are you managing your career?

How are you managing your career in these times of uncertainty? Some of my clients feel stressed, others are looking for something new, and a few are stuck at the crossroads of stay or go. If you’ve been thinking about what’s next in your career but haven’t taken any steps to do so, here’s a few resources to consider.

Are you in need of a gentle prod? Glance through 16 Key Signs It’s time for a Major Career Change. When you start feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel and your go-to response to ‘how’s it going? ‘ is the standard, monotone, ‘livin the dream’, then it’s time to upgrade from money to meaning.

It is tough to move forward when you’re feeling stuck. If you’re ready to find something new but that soft nudge or 16 signs are not working, try adopting a new habit. James Clear in his book, Atomic Habits, writes about the four stages of habits: cue, craving, response, and reward. Cue is your trigger, it’s time to do something. Cravings are the motivational push behind every habit. Response is the actual habit which takes the form of an action and this action delivers the reward.

Henley Careers suggest adopting the habits of the 1% — you know those people who seem to float effortlessly through career-heaven, either internally promoted, or headhunted to another exciting role, or landing every job offer they go for. Henley suggests, “adopting the habits of the 1% today, you will find getting a new role much easier whenever you’re ready.”

There’s a lot of advice on career transitions, some good, and some…. well, not that great.

I agree with Clear but I’m not convinced on Henley’s advice.

Some of us fall into careers, while others have a steadfast plan. Now more than ever there is a desire to find meaningful work — a role that offers a sense of purpose, values joined-up, and plays to our strengths. Uncovering this combination requires work. Not a lot of work but discipline to stay the course during times of uncertainty. And, let’s face it, discipline is an effective habit.

So, how do you move towards meaning? Values is a good place to start. I’d lean towards value alignment rather than following the habits of the 1%. When you adopt the standards and values of someone else.. you surrender your own integrity. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “you become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being.”

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